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Snowing in April


It is really surprising – it was snowing today. The photo above was taken in Fukushima in the morning. What the date is today? 17 April – yes, it is spring.

In this very cold and snowy day, my wife and I went to Fukushima to attend the wedding party of my brother and his wife. My wife and I were acting as mistress/master of party – which was quite hard but exciting job. We were so happy that everyone who attended the party was enjoying the party, especially of course my brother and his wife – they enjoyed the special day in their life.

Wow, what an unforgettable day it is. The wedding party of my family on snowing day in April.

Visited countries

I’m writing this post in Kuala Lumpur Airport waiting a flight to Narita. I stayed 5 days in Bangalore for business trip. It was pretty productive and nice stay. Though I was bit suffering with *too spicy* food.

The way on a bus to Narita Airport for catching a flight to Bangalore 6 days ago, my wife asked me like “How many countries have you visited?”. I then realized myself that I’ve never counted how many countries I have visited. So, I counted, and concluded that 17 countries I have visited (including India of this trip).

As my memorandum to remember it, following list is the list of countries I have visited so far.


  • China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, Turkey

Middle east

  • Israel, Jordan


  • England (UK), Italy, France, Malta

North America

  • USA, Canada


  • Australia

And I have passed through following countries for connection flight.

  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
  • Malaysia

Most of them were for business trip. Many thanks to the companies as I could have great and unique experiences in each country.

After I listed them up, I realized that I haven’t visited Africa and Latin America. I believe I will visit there some day in the future.

And the country my wife and I really want to visit is Finland and any other countries in North Europe. Again, I believe we will be there in the future for sure.

I’m now then getting interested in which prefecture I have visited in Japan. It would be interesting to know whether it is greater or less than above list.

Is Fixed Cash Handout(定額給付金) making Japan's economy better?

We have received “Fixed Cash Handout” of 12,000 yen each today. We have no plan yet whether we spend it for entertainment e.g. good dinner, travel or buying something good or just saving, or donating.

As base idea of “Fixed Cash Handout” is to stimulate Japanese economy, there are many campaigns has started in almost any market/industry.

Gold rush starts for stimulus pay | The Japan Times Online

Businesses nationwide are rolling out special campaigns to take advantage of the extra cash soon to be circulating when hundreds of municipalities start handing out cash to their residents under Prime Minister Taro Aso’s economic stimulus plan.

I doubt a bit that special campaigns will be successful. Because people are not that simple saying “oh, the government gave us money, now let’s spend it for something special to entertain ourselves!!” – I can’t picture such situation. I guess that most of ordinarily people say like “well, the government just gave us such amount of money here, let’s save them, or pay for cost of living.” or “we can donate it for NPO that is doing something good for the society and/or the world.”.

Again, we have no plan with “Fixed Cash Handout”, however, I am sure that we don’t pay it for entertaining ourselves.

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Moving to new apartment on Golden Week

Golden week is coming here in Japan. You can find what is it here. Simply put, it is one of holiday season in Japan.

This year, we are not going to anywhere for travel but moving to new apartment on Golden Week. As everyone know, there are many, many things to do for moving. Not only packing things up but also some paper works. One of important work for moving is change of address. You realize that how many places you registered your address information to – e.g. Ward office, Internet provider, telephone/mobile company, Amazon and more. You may (or will) forget to change address for some companies or shops – I always do.

Thus, I believe the most important thing you have to complete before you start anything for moving is to list up all things you have to do including list of change of address one by one. I learned it from my previous experience – bad experience – lost some important document due to change of address was not fully completed.

Now, I have already generated todo list for moving on Golden Week. Though I still feel I missed something important…

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が、今年の始めに読んだなんで英語やるの(中津燎子)を読んで、考え方・方針を180度変えた。これまでもフォニックスを取り入れながら、それぞれのアルファベットが持つ「音」を意識するようなレッスンを行ってはきたが、今後はレッスン内容のほとんどを「英語の音」習得に当て、単語や英会話は二の次に置くようにした。ちょうど、韓国のJY Booksが出している『Phonics in Reading』というフォニックスのテキストとしては最高のものを洋書絵本専門 スタジオ・ドリームで紹介してもらったので、それをメインのレッスンテキストにして、とにかく英語の音を体に染み込ませるということを目標として、レッスンプラン・カリキュラム(といってもものすごくざっくりとしたものだけど)を組み立てた。



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Posting a blog entry in English and Japanese

As I just launched a blog here in wordpress, I have decided to post a blog entry both in English and Japanese. It might be better to have separate blog for different language but I am too lazy to maintain multiple blogs.

I will add a tag “english” to an entry written in English and “japanese” to an entry in Japanese.






TOEIC Official Website in Japan
        リスニング  リーディング  計
前回(3/26)    455     330     785
今回(6/25)    410     410     820

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ほぼ日手帳2006 – 1月25日の言葉


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