Moving to new apartment on Golden Week

Golden week is coming here in Japan. You can find what is it here. Simply put, it is one of holiday season in Japan.

This year, we are not going to anywhere for travel but moving to new apartment on Golden Week. As everyone know, there are many, many things to do for moving. Not only packing things up but also some paper works. One of important work for moving is change of address. You realize that how many places you registered your address information to – e.g. Ward office, Internet provider, telephone/mobile company, Amazon and more. You may (or will) forget to change address for some companies or shops – I always do.

Thus, I believe the most important thing you have to complete before you start anything for moving is to list up all things you have to do including list of change of address one by one. I learned it from my previous experience – bad experience – lost some important document due to change of address was not fully completed.

Now, I have already generated todo list for moving on Golden Week. Though I still feel I missed something important…

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