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I’m writing this post in Kuala Lumpur Airport waiting a flight to Narita. I stayed 5 days in Bangalore for business trip. It was pretty productive and nice stay. Though I was bit suffering with *too spicy* food.

The way on a bus to Narita Airport for catching a flight to Bangalore 6 days ago, my wife asked me like “How many countries have you visited?”. I then realized myself that I’ve never counted how many countries I have visited. So, I counted, and concluded that 17 countries I have visited (including India of this trip).

As my memorandum to remember it, following list is the list of countries I have visited so far.


  • China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, Turkey

Middle east

  • Israel, Jordan


  • England (UK), Italy, France, Malta

North America

  • USA, Canada


  • Australia

And I have passed through following countries for connection flight.

  • Hong Kong
  • Germany
  • Malaysia

Most of them were for business trip. Many thanks to the companies as I could have great and unique experiences in each country.

After I listed them up, I realized that I haven’t visited Africa and Latin America. I believe I will visit there some day in the future.

And the country my wife and I really want to visit is Finland and any other countries in North Europe. Again, I believe we will be there in the future for sure.

I’m now then getting interested in which prefecture I have visited in Japan. It would be interesting to know whether it is greater or less than above list.

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