Echofon wins New Twitter UI

New Twitter Web UI

#NewTwitter Web UI is just become available on my Twitter account this morning.

I have been waiting for trying this new look of Twitter Web Interface so I used it for some hours today. I would say that the new interface is OK – mainly I like Keyboard shortcuts as shown in above screenshot. Some of shortcuts are ‘Gmail-like’ (eg. j for next tweet, k for previous tweet) so it was quite easy for me to get used to it.

However, after using it for some hours, I have come back to Echofon for Mac that has been my primary twitter client on iMac and MacBook Pro. Echofon has really simple interface and it also has many keyboard shortcuts that makes your twitter life easier.

I use Echofon not only for Mac but also iOS devices I have (iPad, iPod touch). One of main reason for me to use Echofon as ‘main’ platform for my twitter life is that it can sync unread tweets status between Echofon clients so you can maintain where you are on twitter time line.

So, Echofon is/will be my primary twitter tool on Apple devices I have, and #NewTwitter can be main on Windows PCs (I use Windows PC when I’m on biz trip).

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